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BPC 2012 Donor Hall of Fame:
Total Donations to Date:  $2,384.32

Platinum Patrons ($100 or more):
Platinum Patrons will receive a copy of Pitcairn Island and the Bounty Saga - Institutions and Monuments:  A Worldwide List of Related Archives, Churches, Gardens, Houses, Libraries, Monuments, Museums and Ships, a monograph published on CD by Ted Cookson which reveals where Pitcairn- and Bounty-related artifacts may be viewed in the U. S. and around the world.

Pitcairn Islands Study Group (UK), $152.68.
Jerry Cople, $135
Duane Bietz, $125.
Ted Cookson & Barbara Stein, $115.86

David Cullen, $110.
Anonymous donor, $100
Dr. Jere Bacharach & Barbara Fudge, $100
 Dr. Vernon Kisling, Jr., $100
Barbara K
chau [in loving memory of Erhard E. Kchau, 1937-2011], $100
Anne McFarland, $100
Wendy Niem, $100
Dr. Richard Osborn, $100
Alice Southworth, $100
Ken Stewart, $100

Gold Patrons ($75 or more):
Gold Patrons will receive a genuine Pitcairn Island Hattie leaf.  These leaves, which feature prominently in Pitcairn tradition, are named after missionary teacher Miss Hattie Andre who educated the islanders in curio-making skills.  Hattie leaves are the predominant leaves upon which designs are painted for subsequent sale as island souvenirs.

.Alan Fillmore, $90.
.Dr. Maria Amoamo & Dr. Peter Cardon, $80.
Cy Kitching, $75.
Steve Pendleton, $75

Silver Patrons ($50 or more):
Silver Patrons will receive a Pitcairn Island cover bearing the official BPC 2012 cachet.

.Wanda LeBlanc-Cochee, $65.
.Peter Letkemann, $65
Harold & Virginia Lyle, $60
Bradley W. Brunsell, $50

Bronze Patrons ($25 or more):

.Anamaria Alcocer, $40
.Guadalupe Alcocer, $40
.Roger Bedingfield, $40
.Mark Butterline, $40
.Tom Haugen, $40
Edward & Deborah Morgan, $40.
.Jack Roberts, $40.

William & Gail Valenti, $40
Richard Vohs, $25

Donors (Under $25):

Ralph Anderson, Joel Bromberg, William A. Davis, Rex Hickox, Dawn Kaiser,
Christopher Kimonides, Boyd Mudra, Thomas Murphy, Klaas Pikkert, Clifford Sayre



Fellow Pitcairn Island and Bounty Saga enthusiasts, your financial assistance is sought in order to maintain this website.  No donation is too small nor too large.  All donations will be listed on this web page within the relevant donation tier.  Any person wishing to donate anonymously is requested to so advise, either at the time of donation by PayPal or else subsequently via email to or by post to Pitcairn Islands Study Center, 1 Angwin Avenue, Angwin, CA 94508-9713.  Donations are not tax-deductible.  Thank you for your generous support.
Please click on the "Donate" button above.  This PayPal button allows donors to choose the amount.

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