Photo by Michael Gill
Bounty-Pitcairn Conference 2012 Photo Gallery



Clockwise around the edges from top left:  Herbert Ford; audience; Steve

Pendleton; Roger Stuart-Andrews; Donald A. Maxton; Dr. Peter Muhlhausler;

photo of BPC 2005 organizer Barbara Kuchau; L to R:  Ted Cookson &

Barbara Stein; audience; Leslie Jaques, OBE at Pitcairn Marketplace.  Top

center:  L to R:  Marie Christian Thomas & Tony Probst.  Lower center: 

L to R:  Captain Sean Bercaw, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards & Duane Cronk.

Clockwise around the edges from top left:  Leslie Jaques, OBE; title slide

from talk; L to R:  Gretchen Bercaw & Joe Bower; Jacqui Christian;

Postmistress Kim Paddock services covers in background while (L to R) Melva

Evans converses with Richard Vohs; Doug Faunt (L) chats with Katrina Bercaw,

Captain Sean Bercaw & Kari Boye Young; Pitcairn Islanders and spouses/

partners singing on August 20 were (L to R):  David Brown, Melva Evans, Marie

Christian Thomas, Loron Hansen, Jacqui Christian, Leslie Jacques, OBE, &

Margaret Young Hansen; Dr. Tillman Nechtman; Dr. Bob Kirk; L to R:  Susanne

& Paul Shaffer & Deborah & Ed Morgan.  Top center:  Mark A. Butterline. 

Lower center:  Ron Edwards.


Clockwise around the edges from top left:  Barbara Stein conducts Q & A

video chat with Pitcairn Mayor Mike Warren; mounted blowup of Pitcairn

definitive stamp hung as decoration; Barbara Stein; L to R:  Mark A. Butterline

& Herbert Ford; audience; L to R:  Katrina Bercaw, Gretchen Bercaw, Mary K.

Bercaw Edwards, Captain Sean Bercaw, Dr. Jason Cressey & Mary Crowley;
L to R:  Plerm Sample & Doug Ermshar at the PISC sales table during the

Pitcairn Marketplace; Captain Sean Bercaw; Meralda Warren during Q & A

video chat; L to R:  Barbara Stein & Marie Christian Thomas worked behind

the scenes in the kitchen.  Top center:  Kari Boye Young.  Lower center: 
Mark A. Butterline.


Clockwise around the edges from top left:  Tony Probst; partial list of Tony

Probst's Bounty artifacts on display; partial view of Bounty artifacts on

display; part of the PISC historical display; Harold & Virginia Lyle work their

table during the Pitcairn Marketplace; Director of PUC Library Media Services

Junior Artigas video recorded the entire conference; Steve Pendleton; L to R: 

Barbara Stein & Ted Cookson; Marie Christian Thomas; Pitcairn Islanders

singing on August 21 were (L to R):  Leslie Jaques, OBE, David Brown, Melva

Evans, Jaqui Christian & Marie Christian Thomas.  Top center:  50-foot row of

tables with PISG historical & photographic displays.  Lower center:  L to R: 

Dave Evans, Tony Probst & Melva Evans.


The Pitcairn Islands Study Group board of directors and representative to the American Topical Association

(ATA) gathered on the sidelines of BPC 2012.  L to R:  Directors-at-Large Ron Edwards and Steve Pendleton,

Secretary Ed Morgan, ATA Representative Wendy Niem, President Ted Cookson and Immediate Past

President Mark A. Butterline.


Yahoo! Group "List Mum" and

BPC 2005 organizer Barbara Kuchau

was on display at the BPC 2012

registration desk.



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