Photo by Michael Gill

Photos of the Pacific Union College Campus:

Entrance to Nelson Memorial Library at Pacific Union College where the Pitcairn Islands Study
Center is located

This is the main thoroughfare which runs by the Pacific Union College campus

The beautifully-landscaped Pacific Union College

The trees on campus provide valuable shade in the summer.

The Pacific Union College campus mall is an impressive sight.

The beautiful Pacific Union College campus, situated in a wooded area in California's Napa Valley


Photos of the Pitcairn Island Study Center:

Pitcairn Islands Study Center, interior partial view

Pitcairn artifacts on display at the Pitcairn Islands Study Center

                  Pitcairn wood carvings on display

                              Pitcairn artifacts on display between bookshelves at the Pitcairn Islands Study Center                 



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Last updated October 10, 2012

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