Photo by Michael Gill
Photography by Tony Probst:

Photos shown and narrated by Tony Probst at BPC 2012:!i=1998003026&k=T4GV44m
Photos of Tony Probst's Bounty artifacts:!i=1987691408&k=xWkKQnn
Highlights of Tony Probst's Pitcairn photos:!i=2074351577&k=Vp4SkNB
Vintage Pitcairn photos (more than 500 additional images are expected to be uploaded here):!i=1657191679&k=s3PZwH5
Video taken by a helmet-attached camcorder from atop Ship Landing Point on Pitcairn:!i=2013566483&k=V5LjDhr
Three videos taken during a dive on the Bounty. The ship's ballast bars can be seen.!i=1658580810&k=W3Sg3PR
Still photos of the Bounty!i=1658618670&k=THTNTpG
This video was taken while diving on the Cornwallis, which was wrecked at Pitcairn in 1875. Whales can be heard in the background if volume is turned up. The loudest sound is at the moment the video begins.!i=1658575090&k=GWNXMzz



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Last updated October 10, 2012

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