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Dormitory information

Home page with final program details, etc.    

   Online directions on how to get to Pacific Union College
   Driving directions to Pacific Union College (PDF)
   Online Pacific Union College online campus map
   Pacific Union College larger campus map (PDF)
   Map of Angwin, CA 

Media coverage

Official Program (PDF, 5 MB)
   August 17, 2012 Addendum to Official Program (PDF)

Photos and links
   Photo gallery
   Pitcairn Islanders singing in Angwin and on Pitcairn Island

   Photography and videography by Tony Probst
   Photography by Marie Christian Thomas
   Salute to our PUC support staff and local volunteers
   Photos of PUC & PISC
   BPC 2005 website
   In Memoriam    

   Pitcairn Island and the Bounty Saga links

   Tourism links for Napa Valley, etc.

Registration information

Speaker list with brief details and titles of talks
   Captain Sean Bercaw

   Mark Butterline
   Jacqui Christian
   Ted Cookson
   Ron Edwards
   Herbert Ford
   Bob Kirk, PhD
   Leslie Jaques, OBE
   Donald A. Maxton
   Peter Muhlhausler, PhD
   Tillman Nechtman, PhD
   Steve Pendleton
   Tony Probst
   Barbara Stein
   Roger Stuart-Andrews
   Marie Christian Thomas
   Kari Boye Young


Store:  Books, BPC 2012 philatelic covers, CDs, DVDs, Pitcairn photos, and more!

Meralda Warren's tapa cloth exhibit 

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