Photo by Michael Gill
Special Meralda Warren Tapa Exhibit at BPC 2012:

Several pieces of tapa cloth produced by Pitcairn Islander

Meralda Warren were displayed and offered for sale at BPC 2012,
including the 16.1-inch x 26.5-inch (41.0 cm x 67.5 cm)

art work depicted below, entitled Niau's Hideout.


Meralda Warren was among seven winners of Commonwealth Connections International Arts Residencies, it was announced on May 31, 2011.  She was selected in the painting category.  Commonwealth Connections International Arts Residencies enable artists from Commonwealth countries to work alongside artists in other Commonwealth countries in a two-way cultural exchange.  Twelve international judges, all experts in their fields, took part in the rigorous judging process where the seven artists were selected from nearly 200 applications to receive awards of up to 8,000 to spend time living and working in another Commonwealth country.  The winners were an exciting and diverse selection of artists who undertook original and innovative projects that promised to be of benefit not only to themselves but also to their countries of origin and their host communities.   

Meralda, the first winner from the Pitcairn Islands, had only worked in isolation on Pitcairn previously.  So she was appreciative of the opportunity to engage with artists and tapa makers from across the Pacific while based in New Zealand during the winter of 2011.  During her residency in New Zealand she was asked to be the keynote speaker for the Maori and Pacific Textile Symposium held at Te Papa in Wellington June 9-11, 2011.  On the evening of June 10, 2011 Meralda was guest speaker at the special Pitcairn Islands evening held at Homewood, the Wellington residence of Vicki Treadell, British High Commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa and Governor for the Pitcairn Islands.  (Please refer to

Meralda hopes her experiences in New Zealand will enrich her ability to pass on knowledge and new techniques to the next generation of Pitcairn Islanders and to install pride in their heritage.  Meralda has been leading the rediscovery of the art of tapa making on Pitcairn, teaching children and others to carry on this tradition which died out some seventy years ago.  With the children of Pitcairn Meralda has also written a book, Mi Base side orn Pitcairn, the first book to be written in Pitkern as well as in English. 


Pitcairn rediscovers tapa cloth making

Exhibition of new tapa work by Meralda Warren

Tapa work by Meralda Warren

Meralda Warren's tapa art works on display at Norfolk Island Museum

Tapa art works created by Meralda Warren in 2010

Tapa art works created by Meralda Warren in 2009

Culture and language class with Lala, by Meralda Warren

Pitcairn Islands tapa-making souvenir sheet



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