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Herbert Ford
Conference Co-Host and Speaker


Title of talk:  "Pitcairn:  Survival by Ship"
Video of talk   Text of talk (PDF)

Herbert Ford spent six months with the U. S. Merchant Marine Service in the Pacific in 1945 and later served in the U. S. Air Force.  An ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister, he had a career in public relations for the General Conference (world headquarters) of Seventh-day Adventists in Washington, DC and with the Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  A former vice-president for development and alumni relations and professor emeritus of journalism at Pacific Union College, Mr. Ford founded the Pitcairn Islands Study Center in 1977 and has been the director since its inception. 

Mr. Ford has presented a working paper on Pitcairn Islands at the Pacific regional seminar of the United Nations Seminars on Decolonization three times since 2000.  His last presentation was in Noumea, New Caledonia in 2010.  Mr. Ford was also the keynote speaker at Bounty-Pitcairn Conference 2005 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  He has sailed to Pitcairn Island on two occasions and has flown to Norfolk Island twice.

The author of over 100 magazine articles, Mr. Ford has also written eleven books, one of which has been translated into five languages.  Four of his books deal with Pitcairn-related topics.  The second edition of his Pitcairn Island as a Port of Call:  A Record, 1790-2010 was published in 2012.


Bounty/Pitcairn-related books:

Pitcairn:  Today's Stories about the Healthy, Vigorous Pitcairn People and Their Remote Island. (El Camino Press, 1972).
To purchase: 

The Miscellany of Pitcairn's Island. (Pacific Press Publishing Company, 1980).
To purchase:   

Island of Tears. (Pacific Press Publishing Company, 1990).
To purchase:

Pitcairn:  Port of Call. (Quebecor, 1996).
To purchase:

Pitcairn Island as a Port of Call:  A Record, 1790-2010
, 2nd edition. (McFarland, 2012).
To purchase: or




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