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Donald A. Maxton
Conference Speaker


Title of talk:  '''Mutiny' in the Magazine Section:  Bounty, Pitcairn and the Popular Press"
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Donald A. Maxton has worked as a corporate communications professional for 30 years, writing and editing newsletters, magazines, brochures and other publications for a variety of industries.  He holds an M.A. in English from Seton Hall University.

Mr. Maxton has been interested in the Bounty Saga for many years, and has written/edited two books and several articles on various aspects of the mutiny and its aftermath.  In 2008, he worked with Highgate School and the Manx Heritage Foundation to create and dedicate a memorial plaque for Peter Heywood in St. Michael’s Chapel, Highgate School, London.

He also has written numerous articles on New Jersey history, and he received a New Jersey State Grant to write his first book, The Rahway Valley Railroad, published in 2003.

His books may be purchased at or at the web sites of the publishers, McFarland and Potomac Books.

Bounty/Pitcairn-related publications:

Innocent on the Bounty:  The Court-Martial and Pardon of Midshipman Peter Heywood, in Letters. (McFarland & Co., 2013).
To purchase as an ebook, visit or     

To purchase as a paperback: or

“The Odyssey of Resolution/Matavy.” The UK Log, July 2010.

After the Bounty: A Sailor’s Account of the Mutiny, and Life in the South Seas
. (Potomac Books, July 2009).

To purchase: or

“Two Early Tributes to William Bligh.” The UK Log, January 2009.


The Mutiny on H.M.S. Bounty: A Guide to Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, Films, Articles, and Music. (McFarland & Co., 2008).
To purchase: or


“Peter Heywood’s Tahitian Vocabulary and James Morrison’s Journal.” The UK Log, January 2008.


“A Book Inscribed by Rosalind Amelia Young.” The UK Log, July 2007.


“Hunting for the Grave of Peter Heywood.” The UK Log, January 2007.  Reprinted in the Hornsey Historical Society Newsletter, December 2008.



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