Photo by Michael Gill

L:  Barbara Stein admires the now-razed house of Thursday October Christian on her 2003 visit to Pitcairn Island.  R:  Barbara in her office.

Barbara Stein
Conference Moderator


Barbara Stein gave a talk at Bounty-Pitcairn Conference 2005  in St. Petersburg, Florida and, with her husband, Ted Cookson, had the pleasure of hosting Pitcairn Islanders Tom and Betty Christian in their Hollywood, FL home during the Christians' U. S. tour that year. 


A travel agent for over three decades, Mrs. Stein organized and escorted cruise groups to Pitcairn three times between 2000 and 2003.  Over the years she has also arranged travel to Pitcairn for many individual travelers.  In 2010 Mrs. Stein visited Norfolk Island and also attended a London meeting of the Pitcairn Islands Study Group (UK). 


Mrs. Stein has traveled to 249 of the 321 destinations on the list of the Travelers Century Club of Los Angeles, and she has taken more than 160 cruises.  Among the many travel souvenirs she has acquired during her travels, Mrs. Stein's collection of Pitcairn wooden carvings takes pride of place and is prominently displayed in her home.
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