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Roger Stuart-Andrews
Conference Speaker


Title of talk:  "The Ultimate Fate of Fletcher Christian"
Video of talk   PowerPoint slide show with images (2 MB)

According to Roger Stuart-Andrews, some respected historians give credence to the idea that Fletcher Christian may have returned to Cumberland.  Why?  Did Fletcher, like Elvis, really leave the building or was he just fooling?  Roger will make no assertions nor draw any conclusions.  Instead, he will simply present the cold, hard facts on which he bases his belief that this notion is worthy of serious consideration.  Roger suggests that those in his audience would do well to assess the facts before drawing a conclusion rather than just mocking a potentially preposterous proposition.  He comments that any life is a jigsaw puzzle and promises that he will provide some pieces of Fletcher Christian's puzzle which will surprise, amuse or amaze.  Roger will leave it to his listeners to determine if all of the puzzle pieces combine to create a coherent whole and whether the final picture is the same as the one they thought was on the box prior to Roger's opening the box up for them.    

After graduating as a dentist in New Zealand, Roger Stuart-Andrews began a second career as a historian following the completion of a degree in philosophy.  His focus of study is the history of Pitcairn from its rising from the ocean to the present day via a series of essays to be submitted for an MA or a PhD.  In the process of his reading, he is putting together a timeline of the island and will be interested to hear from anyone who has also done this.  (Please contact Roger directly at


Some years ago Roger spent two weeks as the locum dentist on Norfolk Island where his nurse informed him that “the dentist from Pitcairn” was visiting, so a dinner invitation was soon issued.  Steve and Olive were great guests, and Roger had a warmly-remembered evening, jokingly suggesting that he and his wife, Hannah, drop in to Big Fence sometime!

The hobby of Roger and Hannah is remote-area travel, so they were soon on the old World Discoverer, sailing from Tahiti to Easter Island via Pitcairn in 1999. They brought their children’s laptops for the school plus some white filling material for teeth and a curing light Roger had arranged for a company in Melbourne to donate as amalgam in Islanders' front teeth horrified him!  He saw three patients for half of his precious day; and then he took a rapid tour of the island, clinging grimly to the front carrier basket of Steve’s bike as Hannah clung on to the rear.  They hope to return for a longer and more sedate stay now that access seems to be easier, given the boost in tourism-related commerce.

Now retired from dentistry and medicine, Roger and Hannah run a vineyard and a restaurant on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour's drive from Melbourne, Australia, where both of their married children live.

For additional information about Roger Stuart-Andrews, please visit


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Last updated October 10, 2012

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